The future of ecommerce

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Recap: The Future of Ecommerce

Recap video of our Great Day event "The Future of Ecommerce". What does the future of ecommerce hold? How can retailers thrive in 2022 and beyond?

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Keynote: Changing the game: megatrends & ecommerce

Online retailers need to recognise and evaluate trends to drive sustainable growth. Futurist Tristan Horx talks about megatrends and their impact on ecommerce.

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Keynote: Evolve or die - The future of ecommerce.

Brian McBride, former chairman of ASOS & CEO of Amazon UK, elaborates on the future of ecommerce considering changing consumer demands.

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Speaker Panel - The future of ecommerce

Panel discussion with ecommerce leader Brian McBride, futurist Tristan Horx, smec CEO Jan Radanitsch and ecommerce expert Mike Ryan on future challenges for the retail sector.